About US


Bred in NYC, established in Los Angeles and now becoming worldwide, The Piff is synonymous with “Comfortable Luxury Cannabis lifestyle wear.”  The Piff embodies the best quality a flower can offer.  The Piff’s mission is to create an environment full of wellness and maintain complete trust from our consumers.  Our brand is all about love, power and wellness.  “The Piff” in its nature, is an “East Coast” term that describes the “best of the best” cannabis flower and/ or Haze.  The Piff is not only the best flower, but it’s also the “best of the best” lifestyle cannabis brand. 

The owners of The Piff brand are: Nick The Piff and Odessa (Mr. & Mrs. Piff).  We are partners in life and in business.  We embody a full partnership complete with love and knowledge of the flower. Both Nick and Odessa are connoisseurs in the art of cannabis infusing luxury, wellness and comfort.  Nick The Piff is the first ever “Cannabis Sommelier.”  This is a title accredited to him for his years studying the art of cannabis while focused in acknowledging the different aromas and flavors   throughout the cannabis industry.  Nick The Piff’s heightened sensibility for the flower in combination with years of experience, makes him the ultimate cannabis expert.  He is able to identify each plant by its unique “aroma and terpene profile .”  With this gift and experience he has been a trailblazer in the cannabis industry.  In addition to The Piff flower brand, they also offer some of the most luxurious, comfortable and fashionable cannabis attire and accessories in the world. Making a hybrid between luxury and comfort is what The Piff brand is all about.